Gonzui CGI mode

What's this?

Easy to use CGI mode wrapper for gonzui. You just putting CGI file with index DB.

Certainly, performance is lower than native gonzui.



How to use

Put CGI file on directory that was affected under ScriptAlias or ExecCGI, and "chmod +x" to the file. So access with Web browser, you will get;

Internal Server Error
Can't find gonzui DB

If you can get the message above, CGI works well. Next, put (or symlink) index DB dir to same directory of CGI.

If you run gonzui without installing in system-wide

Copy all file to same directory of CGI, or symlink doc, gonzui, langscan, catalog, *.rb.

Difference from native gonzui

How to config

Using config file is only way to set option parameters. Gonzui-CGI searchs file following order;

  1. Specified path in $GONZUIRC enviroment. ¡ÊNotice: don't work with suexec)
  2. ".gonzuirc" on current directory.
  3. (native) $HOME/.gonzuirc
  4. (native) /etc/gonzuirc

No log output on default

If you want to log search query, set follows on config.

   :gonzui_log_file => "gonzui.log"

If you find bug

Please, send me (sugi@nemui.org) mail. Also I welcome indication for English expression...


Cheer for gonzui and WEBrick :)